We want to hear your ideas for the future of Canada Square!

Oxford is seeking input from the community as it advances the redevelopment of Canada Square. Today’s community engagement on the future of Canada Square builds on feedback received in 2017. This feedback is the starting point for renewed discussions about the future of Canada Square in the coming months.

What we’ve heard so far

The 2017 community engagement activities gave Oxford great insight into the community’s key priorities for the Canada Square site. Oxford appreciates the time, passion and commitment that the community contributed to the process. The feedback received in 2017 has been valuable in informing recent work on the project as Oxford continues planning for the future of Canada Square.

To learn more about the Canada Square Engagement process so far, explore the drop-downs below.

Following the 2017 community engagement process, Oxford initiated a detailed assessment of the existing site conditions, with a particular focus on current and planned transit facilities (e.g. TTC subway, TTC bus and ECLRT). The transit facilities at Canada Square present unique, site-specific challenges for redevelopment and close coordination with the transit agencies (TTC and Metrolinx) will be required throughout the redevelopment process.

While many aspects of Oxford’s site assessment remain ongoing, it has been determined that the redevelopment will need to be phased to accommodate the active transit operations on the site. Further, the first phase of the redevelopment will occur at the north side of the site which will not be available until the ECLRT project is complete (currently anticipated in 2022).

Based on the anticipated completion date of the ECLRT project, and informed by the 2017 community engagement process, in the fall of 2019 Oxford initiated a process to engage a best-in-class design team for the Canada Square redevelopment. The design team was selected in early 2020 and master planning work was initiated.

In mid-2020, the project team began to reconnect with local community groups, picking up where the 2017 engagement process left off. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is anticipated that planned community engagement meetings and events through the summer and fall of 2020 will be held virtually to ensure the health and safety of all participants. In addition, the project team has launched this website to allow broad community participation in the engagement process.

For more information about the events in 2017, please visit the Events page.

Community Space

Community and public space is needed, and it needs to be exciting, interactive and accessible. Community members expressed a desire for public gathering space near the Yonge-Eglinton intersection and green space towards the southwest side of the site to create a comfortable transition zone to the residential neighbourhood to west. It was important to members to have a four-seasons approach to open space design.

Connectivity and Public Transit

Connectivity and accessibility are key, both to take advantage of transit and to draw people in and through the site with multiple pedestrian routes that integrate the site with the surrounding community.

Architecture and Urban Design

Thoughtful design that provides opportunities for beautiful architecture were mentioned. Several community members favoured higher, less densely packed buildings to allow more light to penetrate through the site. There was general consensus on the need to celebrate the Yonge-Eglinton intersection in a unique, bold and practical way.

Inclusive and Multi-Generational

Space needs to be accessible for a neighbourhood that features a variety of demographics. The community is looking for “a place to play from 0-99”.

New Housing

More housing with a variety of sizes and specifications is needed in the neighbourhood. Community members noted the need for more rental options catering to broad demographics, including existing residents looking for an option to stay in the neighbourhood.

Mix of Uses

Many community members expressed that the redevelopment should include employment uses – not just condos. The site should ideally incorporate a mix of uses, including office, retail, residential (rental/condo), and public spaces.

Relevant Retail

Space for local retail and services is important to the community.


Community members expressed a desire for a sustainable, resilient, innovative and exciting development that will last for generations.

Tell us what you think!

The following activities reiterate feedback on big ideas for the Canada Square site to help the project team understand if there have been any changes in community sentiments about the site and Yonge-Eglinton since 2017.

Oxford would like to understand how you currently use the site, and your ideas for the future. Please complete the three (3) activities below.

1. Current Uses

2. Priorities


Informed by feedback received in 2017, Oxford has established nine key priorities for the site. We want to understand how they align with the community's priorities. Click on the spots on the aerial image below to learn more about each priority. Use the ranking activity below to tell us your priorities.

Aerial graphic of Canada Square site

3. Future Uses